Homebound Services

What is Homebound Services?

Homebound is a free and convenient service that supplies library materials to people who are unable to come into the library.

This service is available for all ages and is provided free. Long term, short term and seasonal services are available.

How does the service work?

Library volunteers visit homebound residents once a month to deliver or pick up library materials. Library staff will select books and other materials according to the preferences of the homebound residents.

Who may receive this service?

Persons of all ages confined at home, the hospital or other institution are eligible for Homebound Services.

Home delivery is also available for short-term illness or accident patients.

What materials can be delivered?

Homebound residents can choose from a number of different formats: audio books, large and regular print books, paper backs, magazines, and CD. The library also carries materials in english and french.Elderly woman at a table, smiling towards the camera, with an open book in front of her.

Is there a fee for this program?

This service is provided FREE to Greater Sudbury residents. Also, since the library schedules the pick up of the materials, you cannot accrue overdue charges. You will be responsible for any loss or damages to library materials you borrow.

How do I apply?

Call 705-673-1155, extension 4768. Please leave your name, phone number and address if you reach voicemail.

You can also apply by filling out the online form.

Looking to volunteer?

Delivering library materials to those who are unable to visit the library can be very rewarding. To find out more, please call 705-673-1155, extension 4768.

Download an Adult Volunteer Application