A female and a male student reading a book in a library.Collaborators in Education

As a public library, we see ourselves as a collaborator in educating children.

We would like to make you, the teacher, aware of the many resources we have at the Greater Sudbury Public Library that can help you as an educator. Please keep in mind that while GSPL cannot strive to collect all of the resources that your students will need to complete their assignments, we do offer strong support for the Ontario school curriculum.

If you are interested in taking a tour of any of our libraries or would like to receive instruction on our resources (with or without your class), please complete the form on the Library & Class Visits page of our website to place your request.

Here are a few suggestions from our staff about how we can work together in educating students:



  • When assigning topics that require library research, please search our catalogue for the availability of appropriate resources.
  • Assign a choice of topics (or broad topics) to ensure there are enough materials available for your students.
  • Allow your students to use a variety of formats and sources (remember, databases offer legitimate information that has been digitized from the print version; the Internet can also offer reliable information - teach your students how to find valid information on the Internet).
  • Please try to assign projects or assignments with seasonal themes well in advance, as our seasonal and holiday resources are quite popular.
  • Explain what copyright is to your students and make sure they know what they can photocopy or print without breaching it. If they do copy or print from a resource, ensure they know how to cite their sources.

Online Research Tools

  • The Greater Sudbury Public Library offers free access to a wide variety of databases.
  • All of the sources included in these databases can be used and cited in assignments and projects, just as their print versions. Among the wealth of information included in our Online Research Tools, we offer electronic versions of magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias.
  • Please view the databases listed under the Homework Help section of our Online Research Tools for databases that have might be useful to students.

What You Should Know (& Inform Your Students Of)

  • Databases are available for use free-of-charge at all of our locations.
  • Printing and photocopying is available at all of our locations for 25 cents per page.

    • Colour printing is available at all locations of GSPL.
    • Photocopying is available in black & white only.
  • Computers are available at all of our locations free-of-charge for up to 2 hours daily.

    • Use of a computer requires a library card.
    • Workstations are limited to one person per computer to avoid disruptions to other library users.
    • Occasionally, the Internet and / or computers are unavailable due to technical problems or high demand
  • Please encourage your students to come prepared with all of the supplies they will need for their assignments while visiting the library.
  • Encourage your students to respect library materials and the library environment so their visit is an enjoyable experience.

Additional Resources