Branch Services

The following services are available at the library branch level. Visit the full page of each for more details:

Computer, Internet & WiFi Access

Use the computers, internet, and WIFI at all 13 locations, free-of-charge. You may access the wireless network anywhere in the library by using your own portable computer or device that has either built-in WiFi or an installed adapter card.

Computer Bookings

Please read the Computer Use Guidelines before reserving a computer.

Copy, Print, Fax & Scan

Please visit the Copy, Print, Fax & Scan to find out which branch locations offer each of these services.

Rent a Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are available at various branches of the Greater Sudbury Public Library for use by the public, after library programming and event requirements have been met.

Wireless Printing

The GSPL is offering our patrons wireless printing from their personal and mobile devices.