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The following courses are appropriate for learning lyndaLibrary basics.

There are many more courses on these topics available in lyndaLibrary.

Learning with (1hr 4min)

Explore the tools and features of while creating a learning game plan, so you can better achieve your learning goals. Aaron Quigley shows how to find the right courses for you and engage with the training materials, and offers tips for making the learning stick. Throughout the course, coauthor and content producer Matt Fishbach will test your knowledge through a new tool--the knowledge check.

Teaching with (1hr 6min)

Teaching with by Aaron Quigley, Matt Fishbach

Topics include:

  • Extending learning with a flipped classroom
  • Supplementing training with your own videos
  • Mapping curriculum to skills
  • Creating learning playlists
  • Assessing student learning

& much more!