Online Research Tools

The Greater Sudbury Public Library has a large number of databases where you can find articles, reading suggestions, and learn new languages online. These online learning tools are available only through the Library's computers, unless otherwise noted.

Please note that many of our online research tools require a valid GSPL card to gain access.

Databases by Title

If you are looking for a specific database, visit our page, Databases By Title, for an alphabetical listing.

Databases by Subject

Browse through our databases by subject below to find the one that best meets your needs:  

Statue of an arm holding a book
Arts, Language Arts & Literature

Man's hands working with tools over an engine 

Auto Repair

Sketched portrait of Beethoven


Business man with a laptop
Business, Careers,
Education & Jobs

Woman in lab coat doing math on a screen 
Computing, Math,
Science & Technology

A pile of newspapers and magazines
Current Events, Magazines
& Newspapers

A pile of tools


A stack of encyclopedias

Encyclopedias, Facts & Reference

A map and compass
Environment & Geography

A sign that says "Apprentissage en ligne"
 French Resources

Old photographs and letters
Genealogy & Local History

A gavel

Government, Law & Politics

A doctor with a chart
Health, Medicine,
Psychology & Wellness

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs


A young student doing homework

Homework Help

Several hands circling an image of earth
Humanities & Social Sciences

A woman reading on the couch

Leisure & Recreation

A woman meditating

Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality

Passports, a camera, and sunglasses