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What is an Interlibrary Loan? 

If you wish to borrow an item that we do not have in our collection, we can try to request it from another Library. We collaborate with libraries throughout Canada to share our collections. 

What can I borrow?

  • Print books
  • Audibooks
  • DVD's
  • CD's
  • Microfilm
Materials are subject to the availability and lending policies of other libraries.

What can't I borrow?

  • Materials published within the last 12 months. Instead, suggest a title for purchase.
  • Rare, fragile and valuable materials.
  • Directories, dictionaries, genealogical indices, encyclopedia, textbooks, and entire issues of periodicals. 

How can I submit a request?

Submit your request using the Interlibrary Loan Request form. You must have a valid Library card.

Interlibrary Loans can take four to six weeks to arrive but we cannot guarantee fulfillment of a request by a certain date.

Book Club Request Form 

If you are hosting a book club and there are not enough copies of the book available in the library's collection, use this form to request additional copies. 

Self-Serve Option

You have the option of using a self-serve Interlibrary Loan website to place your own requests. To create an account, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, contact the Interlibrary Loans Department. 

Colette Berube
Interlibrary Loan Technician
705-673-1155 x4755