A DVD with flamesExpress DVDs

The Greater Sudbury Public Library announces that a (new special trial) DVD collection of Express DVDs is now available at all 13 library locations.

Whether you are a movie buff who is already familiar with our current collection of documentaries and feature films, or just finding out for the first time that the library carries an ever increasing number of movies for all ages, the library invites you to check out this new collection the next time you stop by.

The aim of the Express DVD collection is to make high demand just-released movies available faster and to more people, thereby alleviating wait times for people who have the regular copy on their reserve list.  

How, then, is this different from the regular movie collection?  It's as easy as 3 - 2 - 1!

Express DVDs can be checked out to a maximum of three (3) titles at the same time, for up to two 2 nights (the fine is $1 per day per DVD once the movie is late).

To ensure the DVDs keep up with their "quick turnaround", Express DVD titles can neither be reserved in advance nor renewed past 2 nights and must be returned to the library location where they were checked out.

The Library anticipates that these high demand titles will be discovered by library users quickly and easily.  If the title you want is already checked out, do not worry - it will be returned within two nights and may be available next time you are in.  

Check back frequently as new titles will be added throughout the year, or have your name added to the waitlist for one of our regular DVD collection copies and we will let you know when it is ready for you to pick up.

For more information, please contact:
Pièrre Dubuc
Co-ordinator of Outreach Programs and Partnerships
Greater Sudbury Public Library
705-673-1155 extension 4754.