Membership and Circulation Policy

1. Purpose

The Greater Sudbury Public Library (GSPL) provides equitable access to a wide range of resources and services. This policy outlines the conditions of use for these resources and services.

2. Membership Types

GSPL provides two membership types: Passport and Access.

2.1 Access

An Access membership allows members to access library computers and some electronic resources. Access members may borrow one (1) circulating library material at a time.

A free Access membership is available to any individual; proof of residency is not required for this membership type.

Access memberships automatically expire after one year.

2.2 Passport

A Passport membership allows members to borrow circulating library materials and to access library computers and electronic resources.

A free Passport membership is available to any individual that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • A resident of the City of Greater Sudbury
  • An active student of a post-secondary institution within the City of Greater Sudbury

A Passport membership may be purchased by anyone who does not meet the above criteria at the cost of $5.00 per month or $20.00 per year.

Valid proof of address is required at the time of registration. Acceptable forms of identification are outlined in Section 3 (Identification Requirements) below. Members may be required to provide valid identification on an on-going basis in order to maintain this membership type.

All GSPL users, regardless of membership type, agree to comply with this and all other policies of the Greater Sudbury Public Library. All registrations must be made in-person at any GSPL location.

3. Identification Requirements

Valid identification is required to apply for or renew a GSPL Passport membership. Valid identification must be presented at the branch during the application process or at the request of GSPL staff for card renewal.

Acceptable forms of identification are listed in Table 1 below. We require either a single piece of Type 1 identification or a combination of one Type 2 identification and one Type 3 identification.

All identification must be current (i.e., not expired). Type 3 documents must be dated and issued within the last 2 months.

Library members are required to produce their library card or verify their identity in order to borrow library materials.

A parent or guardian is required to provide valid identification for children under the age of 13 who wish to obtain a Passport membership.

Table 1: Identification Types

Type 1 (Government Issued)

Type 2 (Name)

Type 3 (Address)

Driver's License

Birth Certificate

 Bill or invoice

Ontario Photo ID Card

Citizenship Card

 Government cheque


 Current lease


Current Lease

 Legal document


Current legal document (subpoena, parole, or bail)



Employee ID or Benefit Card


  Hospital card  
  Landed Immigration Certificate  
  Ontario Health Card  
  Major Credit Card  
  Status Card  

4. Patron Records

Passport members are expected to communicate any change of address, name or phone number as soon as possible.

Loss or theft of a library card must be reported to any GSPL location as soon as possible. Card holders are responsible for any materials borrowed on their cards until the loss or theft is reported.

Library circulation and member records will be handled in accordances with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

5. Circulation of Library Materials

Library materials are available for circulation to members. Non-circulating materials include but are not limited to reference materials, story hour materials and newspapers.

5.1 Restricted Materials

DVDs rated "R" (Restricted) are not circulated to minors and may only be borrowed by library members 18 years of age or older.

GSPL assumes no parental responsibility for monitoring or restricting a child's use of library materials. GSPL and its staff will not restrict a child's borrowing privileges in any way beyond the restrictions identified in this policy.

Remote access to electronic products may be restricted based on licensing agreements.

5.2 Renewals

Most circulating items may be renewed twice if there are no active reserves with the exception of non-reservable materials. Renewals may be further limited on certain material types according to demand.

5.3 Notification

Members will be notified of overdue material by email or telephone. Members are responsible for ensuring that the email address or telephone number provided are accurate.

6. Fines and Fees

6.1 Fines

Fines accumulate in accordance with the schedule outlined in Table 2 below to a maximum of $10.00 per item, with the exception of snowshoes ($25.00 per item).

6.2 Replacement Fees

Members are responsible for all items borrowed on their card. Members will be billed for lost and damaged items at the replacement cost plus any outstanding fines/charges owing on the material.

If an item for which replacement costs have been charged is returned in good condition within a period of six months the replacement costs will be reimbursed. Any associated fines owing will remain outstanding; fines paid will not be reimbursed.

Items with missing parts are considered damaged.

6.3 Exemptions

Members registered as a Homebound Client are exempt from fines.

Fines may be reduced or waived at the discretion of the Manager of Libraries and Heritage Resources or the Manager of Citizen Services (or their designate).

6.4 Outstanding Fines and Fees

A member will not be able to check out materials if they:

  • Owe $10.00 or more in fines or invoiced accounts
  • Have billed items

Reserves cannot be placed for members with a blocked account.

Outstanding members with accounts in the amount of $50.00 or more will be referred to a credit bureau. Members will receive a warning letter before the account is referred to the credit bureau.

7. Schedule of Library Fines and Fees

Fines, Lending Periods, and Item Limits

Material Type Lending Period Fine Renewal Limit Item Limit*
Books, paperbacks, audiobooks 21 days $0/day 2 None
Children's books, paperbacks, audiobooks 21 days $0/day 2 None
Magazines 7 days $0/day 2 None
Children's magazines 7 days $0/day 2 None
CDs7 days$0/day2None
DVDs 7 days $0/day 1 10
Express Books 7 days $0/day 0 None
Express DVDs 2 days $0/day 0 3
Interlibrary Loan Varies $0/day 0 6
3D Objects 7 days $0/day 0 1
Snowshoes 7 days $0/day 0 1
Board Games 7 days $0/day 0 None
Arts Pass 7 days $0/day n/a 1
Chromebooks 7 days $0/hour 2,
if there are no holds
Wi-Fi Hotspot7 days$0/day2,
if there are no holds
Replacement Charges
Wi-Fi Hotspot device
Wi-Fi Hotspot case
Adult, Teen, Child Library CardFree
Non-Resident Membership (per person)
12 months
1 month
Photocopying / Printing (letter and legal size paper, per side)
Black and White Photocopying/Printing (single-sided)$0.15
Black and White Photocopying/Printing (double-sided)     $0.20
Colour Photocopying/Printing (single-sided)     $0.25
Colour Photocopying/Printing (double-sided)     $0.40 
Faxing (per sheet)
Within Canada$1.00
Local faxing of resumésFree
Head Sets
Ear bud head sets (1 pair)$1.50
Interlibrary Loan
Digital Reproduction$10.00/image
Print Reproduction (5" x 7")$10.00/image
Print Reproduction (8.5" x 11")$10.00/image
3D Printer Filament$0.10/gram
Vinyl (24" roll)$0.25/linear inch
Vinyl (12" roll)$0.15/linear inch
T-Shirt Vinyl$5.00/sheet
Iron-On Transfer Paper$1.50/sheet
Button Blanks $5.00 for 20
$10.00 for 50

*Limits apply to Passport membership type only. Access membership is limited to one (1) item at a time.

Meeting Room Rentals

Library Meeting RoomCapacityEquipmentCharge (per hour)
Capreol Library
Room 15$7.00
Room 240$8.00
Room 340$8.00
Chelmsford Library
Room 112LCD Monitor$13.00
Main Library
Room 140Smart TV$20.00
Room 212$8.00
Makerspace25LCD Monitor$20.00
New Sudbury Library
Sinclair Room16 to 24LCD Monitor$15.00
South End Library
Conference Room16 to 24TV/DVD Player$20.00
Meeting Room AB16 to 24Smartboard/Projector$20.00
Meeting Room A8 to 12Smartboard/Projector$15.00
Meeting Room B8 to 12
Valley East
Multipurpose Room60LCD Monitor$25.00

Date implemented: July 1, 2018

Last updated: June 21, 2018