Meeting Room and Display Case Policy

1. Purpose

The Greater Sudbury Public Library (GSPL) recognizes public meeting space as an important community asset. Use of GSPL's meeting rooms and display cases is governed by the terms and conditions of this policy. The objective of this policy is to ensure equitable access to public space while meeting GSPL's operational needs.

2. Terms and Conditions of Meeting Room Use

Activities associated with meeting room use will adhere to the terms of this policy and the Patron Code of Conduct outlined within the Respect for Rights to Use the Library and Access to Information Policy

Use of the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of the renter's beliefs or views.

Meeting rooms are not available for: 

  • Private social events
  • The sale of goods or services for profit or the solicitation of business
  • Political events by candidates or political parties during elections

In order to ensure equity in the use of library resources GSPL reserves the right to deny bookings on the basis of availability of space, suitability, and frequency of use. Note that GSPL also reserves the right to cancel rentals that exceed room capacity, overflow into public areas, or are disruptive to regular operation.

2.1 Booking a Meeting Room

Rentals are available up to three (3) months in advance of the booking date.

All meeting rooms are available fifteen (15) minutes after the location opens and must be vacated twenty (20) minutes prior to closing.

A completed and signed rental agreement is required for all bookings. Meeting room reservations are finalized only once the rental agreement is signed and, when applicable, rental fees paid in full.

Room bookings are accepted from individuals (the "renter") on behalf of an organization. The renter must be eighteen (18) years of age or older in order to sign the rental agreement. Once signed, the renter is responsible for the safety/security of the room and equipment therein and is required to ensure that the rental complies with the terms of this and all other applicable GSPL policies.

An active GSPL library card is required for all bookings. Renters who do not qualify for a GSPL library card may be considered at the discretion of the branch Lead.

2.2 Room Set Up

Renters are responsible for room set-up and for returning the room to its original state upon vacating.

2.3 Equipment

Where available, wall mounted LCD monitors and Smartboards may be used. When possible staff will assist with set-up of this equipment but assistance cannot be guaranteed. If the renter requires use of this equipment it is recommended that the renter make arrangements to familiarize themselves with the equipment at the time of booking. See the table below for a listing of equipment available at each branch.

2.4 Publicity and Signage

Publicity and signs provided by the organization must not give the impression that GSPL is hosting or in any way endorses the event. All signage must be professional and will be given to staff for posting at the time of booking. GSPL reserves the right to withhold signage that does not comply with GSPL policy.

2.5 Food and Beverage

The consumption of some food and drink in meeting rooms is permitted under the Respect for Rights to Use the Library and Access to Information policy. Catering or the serving of food and drink to the general public may be permitted at the discretion of the branch Lead. Any such requests must be made prior to booking.

The sale, serving and consumption of alcohol is not permitted on GSPL property.

2.6 Fees

Not-for-profit groups are permitted to use the meeting rooms free of charge. Charges for for-profit rentals are outlined in the fee schedule below.

Fees are based on a one (1) hour block. Bookings of multiple blocks are permitted and will be charged accordingly.

Payment is required in full when the contract is signed. Payment can be made by credit card, Interac, or cash.

2.7 Damages

Damages to library property during rental are the responsibility of the renter. The renter will be invoiced for any cleaning, repair or replacement costs associated with the use of the room beyond normal wear and tear.

2.8 Cancellation

Cancellations require 48 hours notice. Failure to cancel a room rental 48 hours prior to the scheduled booking may result in a full meeting room charge. These charges may also apply to non-profit renters.

GSPL reserves the right to cancel room rentals in the event of an emergency. A full refund will be issued in such instances.

2.9 Loss of Rental Privileges

Failure to comply with this policy or the terms of the rental agreement will result in the suspension of room booking privileges.

GSPL will not accept any future bookings if previous payments are outstanding.

3. Fee Schedule

Library Meeting Rooms

Capacity EquipmentCharge (per hour)
Capreol Library

Room 1




Room 2*




Room 3*




Chelmsford Library

Room 1


LCD Monitor 


Main Library

Room 1


Smart TV


Room 2






LCD Monitor 


New Sudbury

Sinclair Room


 LCD Monitor


South End Library

Conference Room




Meeting Room A+B


 Smartboard / Projector


Meeting Room A


 Smartboard / Projector


Meeting Room B




Valley East  

Multipurpose Room


LCD Monitor


4. Display Cases

Display cases are available for the exhibition of objects, artifacts, and collectibles of interest to the community.

Display cases cannot be used to promote commercial activities of services and cannot include material which contravenes the Criminal Code of Canada. Acceptance of display items is at the discretion of library staff.

Individuals and groups are responsible for the delivery and pick up of their display items and may be required to assist in the set up and dismantling of the display.

The Library Board cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the display.

5. Definitions

Renter: the individual responsible for booking a meeting room and the group or organization that this individual may represent.

Users: anyone using GSPL facilities or resources including the use of a meeting room whether associated with the renter or not.

Not-for-profit: organizations that exist for charitable, educational, cultural or other civic/humanitarian purposes. They often require nominal membership fees and are funded through donations or government grants.

Revised July 1, 2018