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TD Summer Reading Club 2017

A moose, a skunk, and 3 people in a canoe.A book or story, a library, our country: What do they all have in common? Each one welcomes you, inspires you, makes room for new ideas, and gives you space to explore and shape your identity.

In the year of Canada's 150th birthday, the TD Summer Reading Club invites you to celebrate what makes books, libraries and Canada great, by encouraging you to open up to new ideas, new characters, new landscapes, and to one another.

Be sure to stop by your local library for excellent reading suggestions from the friendly, expert staff you'll find there.

Visit to track your reading online, submit book reviews, jokes and more. You can also read and rate reviews, jokes and stories created by other kids across Canada!

When you're ready, you can show your notebook to library staff and we'll complete the certificate inside. We'll even give you another notebook if you like!

Happy Reading!

TD Summer Reading Club 2016 kicks off July 4th and runs until August 24th.

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How to Participate


Ready to join? Here's how to get started:

  1. Make sure you have a valid library card. Don't have your own library card? No problem: getting a card is completely free, you just need to come to your local library branch with your parent. Learn more about getting a library card.   
  2. Visit any library branch to register. We will use your library card to register you in this year's TD Summer Reading Club and will give you a kit with everything you need to get started.
  3. Now you will be able to register for all of the free activities and events taking place throughout the summer. Program registration is required due to space limitations.

What is the TD Summer Reading Club?

This program is designed to keep kids reading over the summer by offering a fun club with games, prizes, activities and more reasons to read.  Research proves that reading over the summer helps kids when they return to school and of course strong literacy skills help children throughout their lives.  Besides, who wouldn't want to come and imagine, create, sing, dance, and just have fun?

A tent made from an open book, with people and fairies and imaginationWhen is it?

The programs run in the libraries from July 4h to August 24th.

Who can join?

Children of all ages are invited to join in the fun this summer.  Families can read together; siblings can read to each other; mom and dad can read to their babies; grandma and grandpa can read to the family.  As long as your children are reading or being read to, they are in the club!

How much does it cost?

It is completely free!  You can register at any library location.  When you are at the library you can pick up a free TD Summer Reading Club Kit, which includes a notebook, stickers and more.

Read and Win

Each child that registers will receive an official TD Summer Reading Club booklet, to track the books they've read. Remember to always bring your booklet to the library to receive a sticker for each book that you have read. Once you have completed your notebook, you may choose a small reading prize (and ask for a new notebook!).

A Canada goose wearing a notebook around it's neck and a crown.

Grand Prizes

When participants register for the TD Summer Reading Club, they will receive a ballot for the end of the summer Grand Prize. To encourage extra visits to the library, each child will also receive a ballot for a chance to win the Grand Prize every time they visit the library.


Check out these booklists of titles! How many can you read before summer is over?

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