Health & Wellness Series

Four vials of essential oils surrounded by colourful herbs.Green & Clean with Essential Oils

The Greater Sudbury Public Library will host this information session @ 6:30 PM at the following locations:

Darlene Bast-Tindall has been using essential oils for cleaning, mood enhancing and immune-supportive living for over a decade. She will share tips and tricks to keep your family clean and healthy while reducing harmful chemicals in your home and environment.

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Is Being Too Clean Making Us Sick?

Closeup of a man's hands cleaning is nails with a fingernail brush.The Main Public Library will host this information session on Thursday, May 25th @ 6:30 PM.

Join Melissa Menard to tackle the question "Is Being Too Clean Making Us Sick?" and more, as we explore the link between germs and disease.  Melissa will also discuss how bacteria and parasites can "educate" our immune system and how that may affect the incidence of allergies and autoimmune diseases in the developing vs the developed world.

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