Meet Your Poet Laureate:
Kim Fahner

Kim FahnerKim Fahner has been writing her entire life, but has only seriously been writing and publishing poetry since her early twenties. Kim is also an English teacher.

As a member of the League of Canadian Poets, the Writers' Union of Canada and PEN Canada, Kim often brings visiting poets and writers into her classroom, so that her students can see how literature is alive in the world. As the new poet laureate, one of her hopes is to meet with other teachers about how they can use poetry in their classrooms.

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Seed Saving Workshop for Beginners

Closeup of a tomato plant.The Main Library will host a seed saving workshop for beginners on Monday, July 25th @ 6:30 PM.

Stuart McCall from McGrow Farms in Garson (360 Goodwill Drive) will lead the session. Stuart will also host a workshop at his farm on Monday, August 29th @ 5:30 PM.

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Greater Sudbury Memories

Greater Sudbury Memories logoGreater Sudbury Memories captures stories, large or small, that reflect the diverse nature of our community, culture, and history highlighting influences and events of individuals, local organizations, business and industry that have shaped the city of Sudbury and its people.

The Great Sudbury Public Library, in partnership with the Greater Sudbury Museums, is creating a storehouse for Greater Sudbury's memories, an online project designed to bring the memories of Sudbury together, to share and preserve for generations to come.

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Beach Reading

Closeup of a man in a hammock reading an eBook.Looking for some light reading this summer?

Check out this list of downloadable eBooks and audiobooks for a list of great summer reads. 

Put them on your mobile device and take them whereever you go this summer - the beach, the car, the park - anytime, anywhere!